Published June 13, 2015 by cheriqui

Written: 2012

You’ll never see me coming,
You may think that you know,
Exactly what I’m capable of,
But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I am a Goddess.

You look, and you watch,
You think you’re so dammed observant,
And that you know all that you need to,
But watch me rise and soar.

I am an Angel.

High above this world,
Above the treetops,
I’ll take you with me,
Into our wildest dreams and fantasies.

I am Unbelievable.

We both have desires,
Lofty, sky high goals.
But we can achieve anything,
If we only let ourselves.

We are unstoppable.

I’m ready to take the leap.
Are you?
One, two, three….jump.




Published June 13, 2015 by cheriqui

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